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Padico self-hardening and UV resin for DIY Kawaii creations

Padico is a Japanese brand specialized in gourmet jewelry and kawaii clay creations.
You can imitate perfectly : sweets, delicacies, miniatures, whipped cream, cakes, donuts, waffles, ice cream, coulis...

Several ranges of products:
Hearty Ultra-light self-hardening Padico clay is also known as Fuwa Fuwa.
This matt and foamy clay perfectly imitates textures like marshmallow, cake pasta or sanded pasta.

- Modena semi-opaque self-hardening Padico clay looks like cold porcelain, so you can use it to create dolls.

- Mermaid Puffy Ultra-light self-hardening Padico clay is ideal for imitating the texture of cake pasta with its 3 colors: white, chocolate and biscuit.

To add a touch of realism to your DIY kawaii creations, you can add more coulis (for a final aspect frost style).
Molds are also useful to reproduce for example macaroons, cupcakes, biscuits, shortbreads that will really look real!

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Padico self-hardening and UV resin for DIY Kawaii creations

Product advantage: Self-hardening clays do not require cooking, so they are suitable for children.
Moreover, they are extremely light and can be used for large creations.