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Creative hobby tutorials to make by yourself for adults and children to get started

Welcome into the diy world



Welcome Beginner !


Wondering how to make fantasy jewelry? How to make an easy DIY decoration? How to customize clothes? or how to do macrame?

Do you want to start a manual activity but do not know where to start or how?


Do not worry, you're in the right place! Each square is a DIY technique, it's up to you! Be curious and discover new techniques Do It Yourself! It becomes easy to learn how to knit, to learn crochet or even to learn the different embroidery stitches by hand!

Creating your own jewelry will become child's play! Discover new passions: DIY macrame, sewing or even knitting. Be careful, you will become addicted to DIY!


To get started, do not hesitate to get inspired by our easy creative tutorials. We have online more than 1000 DIY tutorials available!

A whole new world awaits you! Create!





Learn how to make fantasy jewelry     Learn how to do bead weaving with a loom     Learn how to do neeldle bead weaving

Learn how to do Spiral crochet     Learn how to do crochet     Learn how to knit

Learn how to sew     Learn how to do embroidery     Learn how to model polymer clay

Learn how to model metal clay     Learn how to sew soutache braid     Learn how to do macrame



None of these squares match what you are looking for? Do not panic ! You can always check our technical pages if the answer to your question is not there or send us your question by mail. Your suggestions are also welcome !



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