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Odd Peyote weave on leather cuff

Attention, we inform you that the following tutorial has been translated by the automatic translator Google Traduction. We are not responsible for the errors caused and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact our customer service via this online form if you need help to understand this tutorial.

Time of realization: 4h
Difficulty: Easy

Odd Peyote weave on leather cuff

Step by step :

How to make a Peyote woven cuff?

This tutorial introduces you to an odd Peyote woven cuff pattern glued to leather. If you are a beginner in Peyote weaving, however, start with a pair of Peyote weave patterns like this tutorial: " Miyuki Delicas Peyote Pair Beaded Bracelet ".

Diagram :

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir schéma zoom

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir schéma

Step 1 :
Start by putting on a bead to hold (pearl that prevents others from falling) and iron in the bead with the thread in the same direction. Leave 15 cm of wire end to fix it later. Then thread the beads from the first two rows of the weave. Thread a bead Miyuki Delicas 11/0 grape to start the third row and pass the thread through the mica bead. Continue until you complete the row. You can also help diagrams in this data sheet to help you: " How to make an odd Peyote weave? "

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir 1

2nd step :
At the last gunmetal blue bead in the row, go through the mica and grape bead, add a new pearl grape and iron in the mica and gunmetal bead as pictured. To start the new row, step into the new pearl grape through the gunmetal underneath, again the pearl mica, the old pearl grape then the new. Repeat this step each time you arrive on this side of the weave.

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir 2

Step 3:
Continue to weave the beads according to the pattern. Once you have woven a number of beads, remove the bead from the bead, pass a needle through the end of the thread that you have left, and start ironing the woven beads to hide and lock the thread in the weave. Make sure the wire is secure and cut the rest of the wire. You can go through diagonally pearls or rib-side pearls. If your yarn starts to become short, block it in the same way, as well as your new yarn that you will bring out where you need to go back to weaving.

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir 3

Step 4:
Once the weaving is complete, block and cut the thread as explained in step 3. Center your weave on the leather cuff and mark the location with a pencil. Place the 6-000 glue in tight waves (do not put on the edge of the marking as it will show) and stick the bracelet flat, then give him the curve of the bracelet. The use of gloves and a mask is strongly recommended. Wait 24 hours before wearing. It may be that the bracelet comes off because the glass is difficult to stick on leather. If this is the case make touching glue.

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir 4
And here is your bracelet is finished!

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir final

Tissage Peyote impaire sur manchette en cuir final 2

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