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Bullet journal

Bullet journal

A bullet journal, what is it?
Which material to choose?
How do you get started?

The bullet journal is a creative journal which helps you to organize your life.
It is a trendy planning and task management system.
Entirely DIY (Do-it-Yourself) and bespoke it combines agenda and memos in one notebook.
A personal development activity that will seduce you.
It is very simple: take a notebook and you will get a diary / journal that optimizes your organization and your daily life.

For the material, you need a notebook and quality pens (such as Tombow felts, or Stabilo pens) to write, highlight, draw ...
Think about decorating with trendy kawaii supplies to personalize your bullet journal - Express your difference with our gums,
multicolored paper clips, masking tape, 3D stickers...

You can start by creating an index and numbers pages.
According to your desires, you can make schedules by the week, by the month .. Or daily calendars.
You can also write desires lists, books to read, music to listen, to do lists, recipes to test,
Movies to see, gift ideas, quotes ...



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Bullet journal