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Agadez cross pendant in polymer clay

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Agadez cross pendant in polymer clay

Step by step :

Step 1
Take 2 bars in a black dough roll. Mix the dough and put it in the largest dough machine. Position your cookie cutter over the dough, press to mark it.


2nd step
Cut out with your blade the outline of the cross.


Step 3
Take a 2 cm cookie cutter, place it in the center of the cross to remove a round of dough.
Work the relief of the 4 points by pressing with the blade on the edges.


Step 4
Tap with your Izinc pigment block on the surface of the cross. Spread the ink by sweeping the surface up and down.


Step 5
Decorate the cross by making fingerprints with small round cookie cutters. 2 or 3 different diameters are enough.


Step 6
Take a needle to draw lines and make small dots. Pierce the top of your future pendant.


Step 7
Pass the embossing gun a few cm (about 5cm) from the cross. Make small circles to avoid burning the dough. This step takes about 2 minutes. Make sure the ink does not settle on your fingers when you touch your room. Put your cross in the oven at 120 degrees for 30 minutes. You can emboss the other side of your jewel without re-baking afterwards.


Step 8
Mount your cross with a leather cord to the desired length. Put a ring in the hole of the pendant, crush tips on the ends of the cord then pass a ring on both sides. Place a small carabiner, your pendant is finished.



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