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Fall-winter 2017-2018 trend colors

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What are the trend colors of the fall-winter 2017-2018?

We invite you to discover a selection of colors that you will find everywhere: in magazines, fashion and decoration shops but also in jewelry. True notebook trends and inspiration, these colors can help you in the creative process of your jewelry fantasy.

To go even further, we have concocted tables on trend colors on our Pinterest account. You will find photographs, inspiring images, products like a board of inspiration (Mood Board). So do not hesitate to take a look!

Here are a total of 20 colors that will emerge during this autumn / winter 2017/2018. This time, the Perles & Co team decided to combine Pantone® colors with Miyuki Delicas 11/0 pearl references . Click on the image to go directly to the corresponding Miyuki Delicas product page.

Palette London



New York Palette



Flame Scarlet : A bright red, flamboyant, deep reminiscent of the seeds of holly. It's a color that wakes up the other pastel and mineral tones of this season.

? Discover the Swarovski Scarlet crystal collection.

Primrose Pink : fragile and delicate pink, all in transparency. The color is light, in total opposition with the red Flame Scarlet.

? A desire for real and natural pink? See you in our Pink Quartz Beads category.

Toast : This is a color that refers to the rituals of the winter breakfast. A coffee, toasted bread, a piece of butter (salted of course), a good big wool knit sweater. A comfortable and warm color that goes with almost any color.

? If you are planning your Christmas presents yourself, why not opt ??for natural leather labels to support the craftsmanship of your creations?

Blue Bell : It's a quiet and relaxing blue. It evokes a feeling of peace, of peaceful everyday life. It also gives off a little nostalgia for past moments, memories.

? Brazilian bracelets and macrame are back this year. Want to get started ? Discover the Linhasita yarn for micro-macrame jewelry.

Royal Lilac : In the past, royal purple was the rarest tincture and expensive it could be. Royal Lilac is a slightly eccentric, theatrical color that gives a touch of enchantment to the other Pantone® colors of this selection.

? Do you know the Druzy? Pendants and stones in colored crystals? Here is a Druzy pendant and a Druzy ring in the same tone.

Otter : This brown "otter" revives with the classic colors of autumn. It reminds, the woods, the earth nature and makes the connection between city and nature.

? Get back in touch with nature by making natural seed jewelry.

Navy Peony : It's a classic but immutable color that adapts to all situations. A neutral color but anchored in our manners, rich and sophisticated while remaining simple. It gives an alternative to black and matches other colors as well.

? What do you think of Swarovski's dark blue iridescent beads ? Here is a tutorial to make bangles bracelets with these beads.

Copper Tan : This color refers to the transition from summer to autumn. When the sun is still burning brightly but the wind is cooling. We start putting on jackets and preparing for the winter. Copper Tan is a reassuring and comfortable color perfect for mid-season.

? For the mid-season, why not make a leather strap with a pink gold metallic crackled leather lace ?

Lemon Curry : Exotic and spicy, it warms and spices up on cold and gray days. It's a color that is reminiscent of travel and adventure.

? What's better than a mustard pompom for a sunny jewel?

Golden Olive : A solid olive green and majestic, just like the olive tree. This one cold and hot color at a time. A sturdy color that blends perfectly with warm and cool colors. The cold season is perfect for developing your indoor garden.

? Here is some olive green jute cord to decorate your flowerpots or create flowerpots suspensions.

Grenadine : It is a bold and dynamic red but also sweet, sweet and tart. It's an assertive color.

? A fusible crest , a blow of iron and here you are with a denim jacket with a Pop look!

Tawny Port : A dark red that draws on the Port or the wine color. It is a rich and felted color, slightly mysterious and mystical.

? A mid-length tulle skirt and the effect is guaranteed.

Ballet Slipper : A ballerina slipper, an aerial pink and whirling (if not dancing). It is a sweet pink but more assertive than the Pink Primrose.

? A shawl in double cotton gauze would be perfect with this color.

Butterum : A warm and sweet color that comforts. It is a bit darker than the color "Toast" and more shimmering.

? Tilapia leather , you know?

Neutral Gray : Gray in all its neutrality. The inevitable cold seasons is always there. Mix with other colors or use alone.

? In the classic and timeless collection, find the charms and pearls in 925 silver .

Shaded Spruce : A forest green tugging on dark emerald, full of mystery and promises of warmer days. This is the green of dormant renewal.

? The cold seasons are perfect for getting embroidered with DMC's Algie Silk Skein .

Golden Lime : The crazy-crazy green that slipped into the palette of this fall / winter. It gives a touch of Pep's and wakes up the other colors.

? A little Pep's in your jewelry is also possible with flat faceted rounds .

Marina : This color brings freshness and brightness. It is sparkling while still classic, perfect for winter activities.

? Go for a simple and invigorating creation with epoxy resin sequins .

Autumn Maple : Autumn in the middle of a resplendent and shimmering maple forest. It's an autumnal color par excellence. It inspires forest walks and hot cinnamon chocolate (or hot maple syrup milk).

? A comfortable leather bracelet to decorate with a Miyuki pearl weave .











Photo credits: Pinterest and Pantone®

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