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Easter bunny garland made of paper

Time of realization: 1h
Difficulty: Easy

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Easter bunny garland made of paper

Step by step :

How to make a garland of paper rabbits?

Want to decorate your house for Easter? Follow this tutorial to create a garland of colorful paper bunnies . It will brighten your home and give it a more festive touch that will please both young and old!

Find the boss, the instructions and the list of materials. Do not hesitate to ask your children to decorate rabbits with masking tape, stickers and paint. Here's an ideal Easter DIY idea to keep your kids busy!

Step 1 :
Print and decode the rabbit pattern. Post the pattern on the sheets of paper. To avoid spoiling the paper, make sure to staple your pattern against the edges and squeeze the rabbits on the sheet if you want more of the same color.

Patron lapin en papier

2nd step :
Cut out the rabbits. Using a hole punch, make a hole in each ear. Thread them on the string as in the picture.

guirlande de lapins de Pâques en papier étape

Step 3:
Stick the pompoms to tail the rabbits. Your garland is made! You just have to hang it with two nails or tape.

If you're looking for a less childish Easter garland pattern, here's another variation with paper pennants:

Guirlande de fanion en papier

Repeat step 1 with the other pattern of flags / flags. Paint the letters "Happy Easter" or "Happy Easter" on the pennants. Instead of punching the small flags with a hole punch, hang them with wooden pliers.

patron fanion en papier

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