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Dreamcatcher easy DIY lace crochet doily and jersey fringes

Completion time : 2h
Difficulty : easy

Dreamcatcher easy DIY lace crochet doily and jersey fringes

Step by step :

Dreamcatchers are THE essential bohemian decorative element of the moment.
You will need strong glue type E-6000 (and protective gloves), a pair of scissors and a needle to thread on your beads.
For the rest, it's up to you, you can search among your stock of remains, we chose all this:




Step 1 :
Thread the white braided nylon thread into one of the stitches at each end of the 12 half-rosaces of  the placemats to tie them to the white metal hoop.
The placemat stretches and will center itself progressively.



2nd step :
Cut one end of the Hoooked Jersey Ribbon XLof twice the total height you want to give to your dreamcatcher.
Here the most bigger length is 85 cm.
Fix it in the lower central part of the hoop using a lark's head knot, see the technical sheet here.


Step 3:
Repeat it once by ensuring symmetry on both sides of the first fixed jersey length.
Alternate with other ribbons, galons ribbons, galons or scrap fabric matching the color of your dreamcatcher.
You can also hang beads of your choice, here we chose the beads you will find in the material used below this
Tip: Choose fire-polished beads and some Swarovski crystal beads for your dreamcatcher to reflect the
light and for a shiny effect.



Step 4:
Once all your fringes fixed, the jersey and its eleasticity will have all their importance!
Paste the ends of your tassels and other feathers before inserting them inside the ends of your fringes in jersey.
Keep a light pressure for a few seconds to make ot work.



Step 5:
Once you have nothing more to fix to the hoop, wrap white soutache.
You can lightly glue the hoop to keep the soutache well pressed to the hoop and regular.
Tip: when you cross the small nylon threads, pass once again with the soutache into the placemat to hide these threads and ensure to remain the placemat in place.


Step 6:
Embellish your doily with small white round pompons, Swarovsk crystal rhinestones for pretty golden highlights
 and finally a moonstone cabochon for a mystical effect.

Bravo! You're done !
All you have to do is hang it in your garden, your bedroom or your living room to make sure you will have nice dreams.


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All rights reserved. Reproduction, even partial, is forbidden without the author's agreement.

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