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DIY brand glass slice of lemon in weaving brick stitch

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DIY brand glass slice of lemon in weaving brick stitch

Step by step :

How to make a brand glass weaving brick stitch?

How to make a brick stitch lemon weave?

In June, @monpetitbazar , @lili_azalee and @coeur__citron launched a challenge on Instagram around the theme 'Tropical' in partnership with @perlesandco . The goal was to create a creation. There were two categories: the "creative" (with their own diagrams) and the "imaginative" (highlighting the diagram of another creator). Several dozen participants offered very cool and original creations.

Karyne from @Pastisaparis proposed weaving a slice of lemon to use as a glass mark, convenient no? We already see this weave decorate all our beautiful cocktails this summer! His slice of lemon won the third place of the contest, congratulations!

For fans of Miyuki delicas , find our tutorials brick stitch and peyote to make pins, necklaces and earrings. To make a brick stitch weave you will need Miyuki 11/0 . It's up to you to choose the colors to personalize your creation! For beginners, you can read our fact sheets on brick stitch and peyote weaving to help you start pearl weaving.

STEP 1 :

Follow this pattern to weave the lemon slice using the brick stitch method. You do not know how to do a brick stitch weave? Find all our specifications weaving beads and more particularly "How to start a weaving brick stitch" and "How to make a weaving brick stitch with increase and reduction".

Start with the largest line in the center of the diagram as indicated by the black arrow. Cut a sufficient length of transparent wire, about 2 meters.

diagram lemon weave brick stitch for mark glass


Add the first two pearls, one golden and one white, iron the thread in pearl 1 then in pearl 2. Add a white pearl and form a loop by ironing in pearl 2 and again in pearl 3. Mount this first rank following the pattern


Continue weaving the left side of the weave. To do this, iron your thread in the penultimate pearl of rank 1, put on a golden pearl and a white pearl and iron your needle in the white pearl of rank 1. Then pass the thread in the white pearl next to rank 1, then pass the thread into the white pearl of row 2. Continue row 2 in the same way following the weaving diagram.


Once the half lemon is done, iron the thread in your weave and take the weaving of the remaining lemon. The blackened part of the diagram is found to be the notch allowing to fix the slice of lemon astride on the glass, it must not comprise pearls.


Once you have reached the notch, you have to go up the row of pearls as if it were the first row of your weave.
When finished, wrap your thread through several zigzagging beads, cut the thread flush with the weave.
To stiffen the finished work, brush the entire surface with Hasulith jewelery glue, and allow the time to dry.
We love to see your creations so do not hesitate to send us your photos on our Facebook page or to tag us on Instagram with #Perlesandco!

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