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Tutorials / Wedding / DIY wedding - Swarovski earrings with spacers and cabochons

DIY wedding - Swarovski earrings with spacers and cabochons

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DIY wedding - Swarovski earrings with spacers and cabochons

Step by step :

How to make chic earrings for a wedding?

How to make jewelry for a wedding?



Here is a special wedding jewelry tutorial to make timeless and chic earrings with Swarovski cabochons. Very simple to make, these earrings will go with all formal wear: a dress, a top or even a combination.


It's up to you to create these pretty sleepers, to please or to please you!



If you have other jewelry cravings for a special occasion, find our special wedding and evening jewelry tutorials.



This video tutorial was made in collaboration withPrimamagazine .





NB: Attention, the list of products below is not completely in conformity with the picture of presentation. For stock reasons, some products in this tutorial have been replaced by equivalents. Swarovski Cabochons 1088 8 mm Crystal Lilac Shadow have been replaced by Crystal Vitrail Medium.

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