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DIY christmas decoration - Table tree in feather and cotton pearls

DIY christmas decoration - Table tree in feather and cotton pearls

Step by step :

The creative team of Perles & Co offers you a special DIY Christmas decoration to make a decorative table tree with feathers, cotton pearls and Swarovski tops. The combination of pearls and feathers gives an airy tree and very poetic. It will be ideal to decorate your table or replace a real tree for those who have no place at home.

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Start by cutting 3 pieces of 30 cm of white or golden aluminum wire. Make similar large spirals on the ends of the 3 threads using a round nose pliers or a roller. Do not over-tighten with the round pliers to avoid making marks and form the spirals by twisting the wire little by little.



Wrap the other 3 ends of the wires together and arrange them so as to obtain a tripod shape.



Cut golden wire from a few centimeters to a little more than ten centimeters. Slip a cotton pearl in the middle of each of them and fold each end of the thread against each other. Hold the cotton pearl in one hand and the ends of the thread in the other and twist the thread by turning the pearl cotton. Leave 2 cm of non-twisted yarn.



Do the same with Swarovski spinning tops. You can put several by "branch" if you do not twist the threads to the end.

Mount the "branches" of Swarovski on the "branches" of cotton pearl by wrapping them around.




Take white feathers and wrap some wire at the base of the feathers. You can add a hint of hasulith glue to fix the feathers. Wrap the rest of the metal wire attached to the feather to the branches made of cotton pearl and Swarovski spinning tops.


Wrap your branches around the tripod structure starting with the longest ones at the bottom and adding shorter and shorter branches going upwards. You can add feathers alone to the base tripod to flesh out your tree.


Your white and gold table tree is finished. It will be the most beautiful effect on a beautiful party table.


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