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Tutorials / Children / DIY decor - Knitting Cactus

DIY decor - Knitting Cactus

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DIY decor - Knitting Cactus

Step by step :

How to make a knitting cactus pattern?

How to use an automatic knit?

If you want a decoration with the patterns "trend" of the moment, in this tutorial, Catherine blog Lili plays mum tinker , offers you to learn how to make a cactus pattern with an automatic knitting .

What is a knit?

It's a machine that will make it easy for you to knit a yarn without knowing how to knit! It is composed of a central tube in which there are 4 hooks on which you will hang a thread of wool. Outside, there is a crank. When you turn it, a knitted cord is created before your eyes.

With the help of an automatic knitting, you can create jewels, wall decorations but also customize a sweater or cushion. To you to create according to your desires!

Find our other decor tutorials for a 100% DIY and personalized interior and including a second tutorial to make a flamingo pink knit ... ideal to associate with the cactus!



On a sheet of paper draw a cactus. It will serve you as a template.

To define the length needed, place a piece of wool all around the cactus and cut it.



Make a knit cord using the knit of the length of the thread cut previously while making sure to leave a few more centimeters for the margin.

/ Diy-deco-achieve-a-cactus-in-knitting-02

For more information on using automatic knitting, watch this video that will guide you through the use of this machine.


Cut the thread and close the knitting.

/ Diy-deco-achieve-a-cactus-in-knitting-04


With the aluminum wire, make the contour of the cactus using your drawing template of the cactus pattern previously drawn.

Be sure to leave an extra 1 cm at each end so you can close it later.



Thread the knit on the wire.


Hook together the ends of the wires and tie the ends of the knitted cord around. If there is too much knitting, remove a little bit then stop the stitches.



Make a small pompon that you fix on the cactus.




Your knit cactus is finished. To hang on a wall, you can use a bug ... Easy to do, easy to hang!

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