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DIY creoles with chain and Miyuki pearls

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DIY creoles with chain and Miyuki pearls

Step by step :

How to make earrings with Miyuki pearls?

How to customize creoles?

In this new tutorial offered by the Super Estelle Petit Bout de Chou you will learn how to customize a Creole stand with Miyuki chain and pearls! A quick and easy DIY to infinitely customize by choosing your favorite miyuki 11/0 colors! it's the perfect jewel to finish the summer in style!

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STEP 1 :

Thread your pearls luminous on your nail (12 beads in total to vary according to your desires). (1)

Use the flat nose pliers to bend the rod 90 degrees (2 & 3)

Use the round-nose pliers to form a loop. You do not know how to do this step? Do not panic we have a technical sheet just for you! Learn how to make a loop on a nail . (4)

Repeat until you get 10 pearly stems.

DIY creoles with chain and miyuki pearls


Cut the pieces of book and attach them to the stems at each end.

- 5 pieces of 1 cm long for the creole side x2.

- 2 pieces of 1 cm long for the part that hangs short x2

- 2 pieces of 2 cm long for the middle hanging part x2

- 2 pieces of 3 cm long for the party that hangs long x2

- Chains of intermediate lengths to be inserted between those with the pearls stems.

DIY creoles with chain and miyuki pearls

DIY creoles with chain and miyuki pearls


Start by putting the shortest chain on the Creole to insert a Miyuki pearl mica color.

Thread the strand with the short pearl stalk and insert a miyuki pearl.

Repeat the operation to the longest strand.

Then continue by decreasing the lengths.

DIY creoles with chain and miyuki pearls

Your creoles are now finished! We love to see your creations, so feel free to send us photos of your creations on our Facebook page or to tag us on Instagram !

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