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DIY Braided Leather Bracelets Celtic Ears or 6 strands

Time of realization: 30 minutes / bracelet

Difficulty: Easy

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DIY Braided Leather Bracelets Celtic Ears or 6 strands

Step by step :

How to make braided leather bracelets?

This video presents 3 different ways to braid leather laces to make leather bracelets easily.
Learn how to make a braid ears or fish bones with 4 strands, a Celtic leather braid with 5 strands or a braid with 6 strands. The laces used are 2.5 mm full grainleather or 3 mm double leather , they come in other colors, do not hesitate to consult them!
This DIY jewel leather will suit both men and women. The list of material for each bracelet is shown below the corresponding photos below the video. You can add them from the list of materials at the bottom of the page.

DIY Bracelets en cuir pleine fleur tressé Celtique

Celtic braided leather strap material 5 strands:

  • Full grain leather laces 2.5 mm natural x 2 m
  • Magnetic clasp 26x12 mm for 10 mm old silver tone x 1
  • Hasulith glue

DIY Bracelets en cuir tresse épis ou arêtes de poisson 4 brins

Material bracelet leather braid ears or edges of fish 4 strands:

  • Double leather lace 3 mm Brown x 2 m
  • Magnetic clasp 31x16 mm for lace and aged silver cord x 1
  • Hasulith glue

DIY Bracelets en cuir tresse 6 brins

Material braided leather bracelet 6 strands:

  • Double leather lace 3 mm dark gray x 2 m
  • Magnetic clasp for cords and lace 14 mm old silver x 1
  • Hasulith glue

Start the 6-strand braid bracelet:

gif bracelet cuir tresse 6 brins

The threads are glued as follows in the clasp: 3 on top, 3 on the bottom. It is necessary to pass the wire to the right of the bottom under the wire to his left (from above). The top center yarn passes over the center yarn from below and the right yarn from the top and then below the yarn to the right of the bottom. Then after that you have to remember that the thread on the far left goes under the thread to his right and above 3 threads and finally under the thread to the right.

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