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Attention, we inform you that the following tutorial has been translated by the automatic translator Google Traduction. We are not responsible for the errors caused and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience. Feel free to contact our customer service via this online form if you need help to understand this tutorial.


Step by step :

Step 1
Print your template and cut out the different parts of the parrot.



2nd step
Condition your pasta colors either with the dough machine or with a roller, it is necessary that your small plates are thick. Place on each of them one end of your paper template, press to adhere it and then cut with a blade the contours of the paper.


Step 3
Take 2 bars of white paste, make a thin plate that will support your parrot. With the remaining white paste make a plate in the form of strip corresponding to the thickness of the colored pieces.


Step 4
Position the colored pieces on the white plate, place between each piece a thin thick white strip.


Step 5
Position white strips around the entire outline of the parrot. Place a parchment paper on the parrot and smooth all the pasta fittings by rolling a smooth card over the paper and making small circles. Cut out with the blade the outline of the parrot. Cook at 120 degrees for 30 minutes.


Step 6
Make a tiny ball with white and an even smaller one with black dough. Crush the white ball with your blade then place the black ball on it, crush it to get an eye. Put it on the dough, place a little bit of baking paper again to flatten it and fix it. Cook at 120 degrees for 30 minutes.


Step 7

Sand the parrot lightly under the water so that it is clean and the edges are not sharp with a 1000 grit paper. Open your parrot.


Step 8
Stick your brooch to the back of the parrot.



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