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Tutorials / Beading weaving / Narwhal brooch in brick stitch weaving on glittery fabric

Narwhal brooch in brick stitch weaving on glittery fabric

Narwhal brooch in brick stitch weaving on glittery fabric

Step by step :

Do you know narwhal? It is a marine mammal that is often called unicorn of the seas ... an ideal animal for a beautiful weaving of pearls!

Cécile of the blog Lovelyoupi has prepared a diagram and a tutorial to learn how to create a woven brooch in Miyuki beads on glittery fabric . This jewel will be perfect on your favorite denim shirt or vest!

Cécile has chosen natural enough shades for weaving so that the glittery fabric can re-raise the whole thing. Note, the horn makes this model difficult, so you can also opt for the whale version - without the horn!

For beginners, do not hesitate to consult our fact sheets to learn how to weave pearls. After that, you will not have to apprehend weaving in brick stitch with increase and reduction .

If you want to weave patterns again or make woven jewelry, find all our tutos in Miyuki Beading .

STEP 1 - Brick stitch weaving

/ DIY spindle-weaving-brick-stitch-pattern-narval-Unicorn-des-mers-fabric-paillete diagram

Start weaving at the arrow. Weave the entire row and continue up.

Weave the tail, then the top of the narwhal. You will have a multiple increase to achieve at the level of the horn, and you will then take your time to weave the rest of the horn.

Finish the top, then the bottom of the pattern.

STEP 2 - Glitter Fabric Mounting


Draw the outline of your pattern on the back of your glittery fabric using an erasable pen or pencil (for the tutorial a thick black felt was used to see it well).

If the sense of the pattern is important to you, consider mirroring it. Then cut out your shape and glue the weave with a clear glue. You can stiffen the assembly by applying glue on the entire back of the fabric, then add a spindle support.

We would love to see your version of the nerval ... so feel free to send us pictures of your creation on our Facebook page, it may inspire other people!

Copyright Lovelyoupi   for Perles & Co - 2017.

All rights reserved. Reproduction, even partial, is forbidden without the author's agreement.

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