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Brick stitch earrings with Swarovski Crystal Mini Mesh

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Brick stitch earrings with Swarovski Crystal Mini Mesh

Step by step :

How to weave around on a spacer?

How to use the Swarovski Crystal mini mesh?

A new jewelry tutorial from Karole Larcanché to discover the use of the Swarovski Crystal Mesh ... We had already seen how to create a crochet spiral necklace with her, and this time she shows us the realization of a pair of loops brickstitch weave earrings with both Miyukis Delicas 11/0 beads and Swarovski Crystal mini mesh , woven on a spacer.

For beginners in bead weaving, do not hesitate to take a look at our data sheets to learn how to make an increase and a reduction in brick stitch weaving .

Thanks for sharing Karole;)

Step 1

Weave the two diamonds according to the following grid. The red dots represent the Swarovski Crystal mini mesh.


2nd step

Sew the weave at the four corners of the loop holder. You can first rigify your weaving with the patent glue Paper Patch .


The back of your support with the woven stitched at the four corners.

Step 3

For a nice finish, glue the 3 mm Swarovski cabochons on the upper parts of the loop holders.


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