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Tutorials / Earrings / Geometric pattern earrings made with Lucy Clay Tools Extruder

Geometric pattern earrings made with Lucy Clay Tools Extruder

Time of realization 3h
Average level

Geometric pattern earrings made with Lucy Clay Tools Extruder

Step by step :

How to use CZ Extruder HD discs from Lucy Clay Tools?

How to use an extruder for polymer clay?

How to make a geometric pattern with an extruder?

Give a spring air to your outfit with this pair of earrings made of polymer clay and with a raw brass ring . The geometric patterns are made using canes designed with an indispensable tool for polymerists: an extruder and its disks !

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Lucy Clay Tools Extruder Discs . This tool for working with polymer clay is used to create multiple patterns, a perfect tool for creating elaborate canes.

If you want to create other polymer clay jewelry, find our tutorials for beginner and advanced polymerists .

Step 1

Take on your plate LC disk your 2 patterns as shown in the photo. with a small file, you have to remove the 2 pins that are on the discs so that they can be used in the extruder.


2nd step

Take white paste and blue paste, knead them separately and make 2 cylinders. The quantity of white paste is three times greater than that of blue. Put the cylinders side by side and pass the roll.


Step 3

Pass your plate in the dough machine to a thick notch. From the second pass to the machine and this 2 or 3 times, slightly shift the blue color by folding the strip of dough on itself.


Step 4

Spend about fifteen times your strip of dough to the machine in order to obtain a gradient of colors.

Cut several strips in length and then stack them. Pass the roll then iron the band in the dough machine but in the other direction ie from white to blue.


Step 5

Reduce the notch of the machine to a notch fine enough to get a long band. Wrap it on itself starting with the blue color, be careful not to enclose air.


Step 6

Place your roll of degraded pasta into the extruder with the one that looks like a square, then extrude. Then take some dark blue paste, warm it up and then put it in the extruder with the slot-shaped tip.


Step 7

Cut into the lengths obtained sections of about 3 cm. Start by dressing a white length by surrounding it with 4 blue lengths. So build your 3-story cane by putting all the ends side by side.


Step 8

Roll the roll on all sides of the cane to weld the pieces of pasta. A cane before being cut and used requires a break time. If you are in too much of a hurry you can put your cane in an airtight plastic and leave it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.


Step 9

Cut slices into your cane. Roll the roll with baking paper placed over the dough to avoid having small holes in your pattern. Make sure you have the same thickness for your 2 plates.

Then, take in each one 1 round with the 3 cm cookie cutter. Make 2 plates with blue dough of the same thickness as the one with the reasons. Take 2 rounds too, which will be replaced by the rounds with the reasons.

Bind your pasta with the roll and the baking paper and take 2 rounds with the 4 cm cookie cutter. Cook for 30 minutes at 120 degrees.


Step 10

Lightly sand your pieces with 1000 grit sandpaper under soapy water. Drill your pieces with a hand drill or your Dremel and varnish them in several layers.


Step 11

Mount your jewels by passing a ring in the hole of the loops, hang on this ring the big mounting circle, close the ring with pliers. Add a second, smaller ring that will link the loop holders to your achievements.



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